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    May 01, 2018
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    May 01, 2018

    15 Year Long Customer Leaves Lunarpages in Disgust

    I'd love to write about the past, but that wouldn't help any potential new customers. You see, I used to love this hosting company, and stood behind them whenever anyone I knew spoke poorly of them. However, in recent years, the company has changed dramatically. They changed some software at the beginning of the year which rendered my site inoperational, and their tech support department danced around answering questions about it for the better part of 3 months. Eventually I was told they had ceased to support Perl's FCGI support in favor of handling multiple versions of PHP, and that I would have to move to a VPS. Upon checking current prices, I learned that their VPS prices were extremely high, so I went to another company. Upon attempting to cancel my services, I was also informed that they would charge me a termination fee, as my renewal had occurred during the period that I was waiting a week or longer for each response from their support department.. An error on their fault caused me to have paid for a year's remaining service that I was not going to use, and I was informed it was my fault for not notifying them sooner. Also worth noting, I had contacted their company 2 months prior to request information about cancelling, and they had forwarded me back to the same support department. I am also concerned that several of their support technicians also did not seem to understand the differences between PHP and Perl, and repeatedly insisted that my Perl scripts should be run through the PHP interpreter. Lastly, I am uncertain of the reliability and uptime.. I did not notice a lot of down periods, but I DID notice that even when the server was down for scheduled upgrades, their "server status" always showed it was being "online".. Dishonesty isn't good in business.. I used to think the world of them, but I do not recommend them to anyone anymore.

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