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    November 19, 2014
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    November 19, 2014


    Just awful. Lot´s of downtime's, DB server constantly down turning CMS´s inoperative. No good for NOTHING! Awful support...don't ask for help...they will do worst...if possible.No tech skills at all.(like my WordPress was slow with only a few plugins and content..they turned all of and no content to show that loads fast ( wasn't loading anything but the page and the CSS...but put an image there...and there you go with 2-5 sec up to 10-20 sec response time (connect and wait) Even DB jobs are to forget because of the slowness of the phpmyadmin (wich should be fast...)..and downtimes...yep..spoke about them...LOTS! Even a simple task of ftp backups of another site I have disappeared and folder permissions where changed...iif I needed one I would get ***** and my 350K hits site would be in trouble! Definitly..STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOST...SAVE YOUR MONEY...THERE ARE FREE ONES BETTER OUT THERE!

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