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    June 11, 2017
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    June 11, 2017

    Run Away From This One

    I have been using this company since 2006. Customer service used to great. Now they have grown to fast and jobbed out their customer service to India apparently based on the customer service reps I spoken with (although you cant really "speak" to someone you cant understand) I have been trying to restore my "MySQL" database on my Linux server from a local backup for over 1 month now. Its very clear that the customer service reps do not even have the ability to see what permissions are granted to my DB Server as they repetitively tell me to do things that I don't have permissions to do. I have sent them the responses as well as screen shots and they just keep sending me the same suggestions. And to make matters worse they generally take 24 to 48 hours to reply to each and every e-mail. This means that to ask a simple question can take weeks or months. You send them a question, they ask for a clarification, you send the additional info, they asked for. Those 3 email exchanges took over 8 days to complete I used to recommend this company to everyone, now all I can say is "stay away" Customer service is the single most important position at any company and these guys have failed miserably. After 10 years with 2 ecommerce sites hosted by "" I am looking for a new hosting company.

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