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    June 15, 2018
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    June 15, 2018

    Outrageously Awful Service - Won't Let Me Cancel

    I would rather spend hours on the phone talking on the phone with the cable company than ever deal with the customer service support for again. And that really says something! Because my cable company is infamous for its wretched service. I've been a classic customer of Softcom's since 2002, and part of the reason I waited so long to move to GoDaddy is that I just knew it my bones that it would be a stressful hassle. Well let me tell you that transferring the site completely exceeded my worst case scenario. I have BEGGED the support team on the phone and e-mail to CANCEL my ENTIRE account since the end of May 2018. This would seem to be an easy process, but everything at Myhosting "gets escalated" for up to 48 hours. Or longer! And unless you're really ready to "escalate" the intensity of your communication, not much happens. Or they get it only partially right. Or just plain wrong. Despite my cancellation request, Softcom's MyHosting billed my card another month on June 1.. I am under NO CONTRACT. They keep saying that their CRM department will contact me with cancellation instructions but they never do. I have spent several hours on the phone through a dozen-plus calls as well as multiple e-mails trying to end my service. I have escalated this to a supervisor at their Call Center in India (and he insisted it would be resolved) but currently to no avail. It is now June 15, 2018 (more than 2 weeks after my initial request, and they still won't fulfill their obligation. I fully expect to be billed again on July 1.. I'm not sure if my problems with the company stem from corruption or ineptitude or some combination of the two. But company's customer-service problems absolutely apply to technical issues as well. You might get them to help "fix" something, but they inevitably break something else in the process. Please save your sanity and avoid doing business with this company. They will hold you hostage and bill you illegally. After all of my hair-pulling experiences, it's hard for me to believe Softcom's Myhosting is even still in business.

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