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    March 09, 2019
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    March 09, 2019

    Long time customer, they're garbage now

    Started my web company with them in 1998. Fantastic service, uptime, etc. But something has happened to them in the past couple years. They must have sold to someone else because their email services became horribly unreliable, their spam filtering awful, and their tech support became Indian and they have been next to worthless. I have been trying to get them to resolve an email filtering issue for almost THREE YEARS, and they still haven't appeared to escalate it past the level 1 support peons. I have had a complex set of email filters in place to prevent spam but also to guide specific emails to specific places, and they broke it all. PLUS they refuse to correctly implement currently recommended email server settings that have resulted in my domain getting banned by Gmail and Yahoo for spam. If you're a geek you'll be familiar with spf files, etc. and antispamcloud--that's where they have been awful. I am a tiny company and send limited emails to friends, family, and co-workers. No emails to customers or spam. And yet my emails get blocked because they don't have my spf and mail server settings correct. After being with them for 21 years, I am leaving them this week. I actually found this site to hopefully help me pick a better one! AVOID MYHOSTING.COM

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