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    August 06, 2017
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    August 06, 2017

    They sold me, they migrated and then ...

    So ... I switched to Namecheap because I had speed problems with my old provider. Before I signed up to their Professional Shared Hosting Plan, I spoke to them via chat, showed them my site and this is the plan they recommended. My allowance is 50 GB of disk space. Migrating my site took them days (it was horrible) and I spent hours and hours (no kidding) in support chats because a lot wasn't working as expected. About 12 of their staff have seen my website. And the size of it. They migrated it. Today I was told that (even though I have a plan with 50 GB disk space) that I have to delete data because my backup is too big. My backup is big. 12 GB big. I offer music in my WooCommerce store. It seems that hidden in the fine print it says that you are not allowed to have a backup larger than 10 GB. "Hello, Thank you for contacting Namecheap Support. First of all, we would like to point out that according to our Acceptable Use Policy, it is allowed to host no more than 10GB of archives on our shared hosting packages. More information can be found here:" What????? So I have a 50 GB disk space allowance but storing 3 HD Videos in one folder (and backing them up) is against the rules? From a moral standpoint, I feel it*s a real jerk move to sell me on a plan AFTER looking at my site and not telling me about important limitations. I am not even sure who their target client is for a plan with 50 GB of disk space who only wants to back up 9 GB. So ... after a few weeks of moving nightmare, lost files, broken links I will switch the hosting company again. I pray inmotion will do a better job at migrating and have less nonsensical rules hidden in 20 pages of fine print. I would say: I loved everything else about Namecheap. But messing up the migration and then telling me that I am not eligible for their shared hosting makes that obsolete.

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