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    November 16, 2017
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    November 16, 2017

    Namecheap easyWP is anything but

    so I signed up for namecheap's easyWP to go along with my DNS hosting - and off the bat it was broken. easyWP is supposedly an integrated service - you host your DNS and then add easyWP to host the site - except -nothing, the DNS was not automatically configured, and I wasn't able to manually configure it myself because namecheap did not provide the wordpress ip address. Then after contacting support and they fixed it, I noticed occasional very slow responses (this is a very basic website, it's just an email signup landing page with a mailchimp plugin) so I hooked up an uptimerobot site monitor, and it turns out response times were often over 10 seconds!! I contacted support and complained and they said we've raised a ticket and we're looking into it. It's been a week and no word back from them. Then today - the website goes down, over 3 hours it's been down so far. Wordpress hosting! how hard can it be? too hard for namecheap apparently

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