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    August 21, 2019
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    August 21, 2019

    Network Solutions by Looted me

    Network Solutions by making Un Authorized Payments and stealing money from your Debit and Credit Cards I am a blogger and hosted with Network Solutions monthly package just to check their service and give a review on web hosts on my Youtube Channel. I used Network Solutions service for a couple of months for 6 dollars per month. Then they gave me free support time for a month which i subscribed. After a month they when the time of renewal was coming i told them not to renew it and cancel the subscription as i never used the free time and that service was not needed. It costed 20 Dollars i think but they tried to charge me even i said not to charge but due to no balance in card they failed. (The debit card i used with them was specifically for online payments) After a month when i thought they will now charge me they did charged again but with lower value which was 15.99 and this time there was balance in my card. They looted me without asking me and their renewal system can not be turned off for specific service and they will reply your email if you will complain such behavior but they will not return your money or unsubscribe that service. They said to unsubscribe i will have to call them and from a foreign country that will also cost some money. The thing i did is that i have blocked my Debit card and asked for a new one. They will loot you so do not use them and they will force you as you can stop subscription of the service. There are better services so do not use networksolutions which is owned by I am not the first victim they are fooling many others. I have used Google cloud, internetbs, namesilo and Amazon but they do not act this way if once auto renew fails. They will ask you for the second time. They are scams they will try to get money out of your account with lower values.

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