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    December 16, 2008
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    December 16, 2008


    Omnis is by far the absolute WORST web hosting service I have ever seen. We constantly experience problems with their servers going down, leaving our all important business website (which plays an instrumental role in our customer service and order-taking abilities) not accessible to our customers. We end up losing sales as a result and often get frustrated customers calling to find out why they cannot email us or access our website. When we attempt to contact Omnis about the problem, our questions and emails fall upon deaf ears, as not once has any email inquiry of mine ever been answered. When I call, I often cannot get through because everyone else that uses them as a host is having problems, too, and the line is always busy. The few random times I have gotten through to someone, the only thing they can tell me is that they are working on it. Not when it will be fixed. Not ensuring us it won't happen again. Not knowing what caused it. Not apologizing. And not offering any sort of reimbursement or compensation for us paying for a service that is worthless and all of the lost time we experienced. It is our highest recommendation that you look elsewhere when choosing a web hosting service. Unless of course you want a website and an email account that are never used.

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