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    March 19, 2009
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    March 19, 2009

    Caution: they will throttle your site

    Omnis "unlimited" is clearly not unlimited. Without notice, Omnis placed a throttle on my site which took me from very good speeds for years to a point where loading a simple 20k page took over a minute. Here is their response: "Your web site is using 11.2 GB of disk space. The average is 254MB with the maximum normal usage being 2.0GB. Your usage is 5 times greater then the normal so your resources were limted in the 5th highest or 5th (of 10) most limiting tier." We never experienced a problem with speed until now, and they chose to lie to me. We have had great speeds for years up to a few days ago. They claim "Your web site has been in one of the limiting tiers for some time. It only recently hit a tier where the bandwidth limit was below what you normally use. You should ensure that the disk space used is only for what is necessary to operate your web site." Horse puckies. They took the time to create an elaborate lie. Run away.

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