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    August 04, 2018
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    August 04, 2018

    They Used to be Great

    I have been with Omnis consistently for about 15 years. What I have noticed over the past couple of years is that the speed of my site load times is REALLY slow compared to other domain hosts, and my email is down a lot. Unbeknownst to me, they have also instituted an overall quota on how much email you can have on your server when you purchase an "unlimited storage" service and will not notify you when you are close to reaching that quota. What happens is that you just stop receiving email. I noticed that in one of my accounts, I had not received email for several weeks, and when I contacted Omnis, they said that the account was fine. Well, it wasn't fine. After much digging I discovered that my email account was over quota and no email had been delivered for a month. Unfortunately, all of that email that was supposed to be delivered over the past month is now just gone and cannot be retrieved. I have hosted a total of about a dozen sites on Omnis over the past decade or so, but am in the process of moving everything to InMotion. While Omnis was at one time a pretty good hosting service, they are way behind in their implementation of the latest PHP, their response times are terrible, and their email service is unreliable. Frankly, I think the company is circling the drain and will likely not be around long. There are just too many other great hosting services out there.

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