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    September 01, 2018
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    September 01, 2018


    bad service bad employees bad uptime. not recommend refusal refund overcharge. i find bad employee online more Looking for a job? Have a super shady past? A felony or two perhaps? Then look no further, it looks like Quadranet has stooped down to the slums to find their latest "executive". So who is this "Thomas Hancock" individual? Well lets find out a little more about him. Coming from Quadranets press release, it looks like Mr. Hancock used to be a pretty important guy. So without doing a little digging, it would make since how he could easily have such a title. Though I did get curious after seeing the news circulation and did a small search. Blog URL reference: Claiming to be a co-founder for a company like 100TB certainly holds some incredible value for sure, but why can't we find any reference to this cofounder? Surely it would be easy to find but not exactly the case on this one. "Managing Director" - self appointed apparently and given by sleezy PR copy/paste sites. "General Manager" - he himself holds this title on his linkedin "Product Manager" - provided by the same sleezy PR sites that referenced him earlier. "Director of Regional Sales" - Google Searching List continues but possibly one day depending on which person he decided to be, it might be cofounder. (all links are screenshot and at the following image urls: "LondonTrustMedia", the company that owns and operates "PrivateInternetAccess", he claims to have been an "executive" for this major privacy company. But yet we can't find any reference to him holding any title at all for either company, also a very generic explanation for the title. Executive what? Executive janitor? Exectuive Dog walker? Now let's move on to the actual data we have to work on, so just doing a little bit of digging with him name we find a few interesting articles right off the front page. The first one brought to you by TheDirty which is pretty well known for giving scum bags what they deserve. (also the mention about embezellment is quite an issue for a high level executive) Well it looks like there might be more to this story? So after a little digging we finally found this Nik referenced on Instagram and the post mentioned. Alright ... perhaps the number are a bit inflated, sure. But hey it's something to go on right? So such a scammer which apparently used his real name surely might have a record, right? So from the TheDirty we can tell that it is in Scottsdale, so we did a little public record digging. What did we find? An active civil case brought against him from the very club mentioned in the instagram article! Well crap, it looks like someone's dirty and recent history has come out to play. For a company like quadranet that just had a major investment from a financial firm, how did this skip through the cracks? Does quadranet not run background checks? I mean I understand some people just have a past, but this isn't even a part of this guys past yet. He is actively involved in a civil case and has been hired at a major executive position which clearly the role has possible financial and top tier responsibilities. I wonder what VSS (investment thinks about their investment being tied to someone with an active financial civil case? On a normal day it wouldn't seem like an issue to host with quadranet but now? dont be surprised if you wake up one day and your equipment is stolen. But what can you expect from a company that hired a thief? I have reached out to 100TB, PrivateInternetAccess and VSS for comment on this and I will update this thread when I hear back from them.

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