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    September 01, 2018
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    September 01, 2018


    BE VERY CAREFUL : This cloud provider HAS DELETED ALL THE DATA OF MY COMPANY with no notice, before I had time to update the number of my new credit card (the old one had just expired). I have signed up a year ago only because their service works in mainland China and we have an office there. First of all, their service is very slow and unstable : we have had sync problems several times, which means some users at my company have lost several days of work ! In order to fix this problem, we paid HKD 1,200 so their « engineers » could setup an automatic backup system every week, on one of our office servers. Of course this backup failed every single time so after hours of losing time exchanging emails with their customer service, we ended up having no backup at all ! One Monday morning of July all our data disappeared. It was a public holiday in HK so we had no news until he next day. The day after they informed us that all the data of my 8 year old company had been deleted with no notice because of a HKD 630 ($US80) invoice that I was more than willing to pay; I just didn’t notice my credit card had expired. And as their backups didn’t work, I can tell you that it was quite terrifying! And the worse part was that they thought it was totally normal. Finally they proposed me to pay for a partial restoration service (HKD 2,980), even after I had given the new credit card number. So basically they made me pay to get back the data they had deleted; which to me sounds more like blackmail! We couldn’t work properly for a whole week; we had many productions in factories all over China but had no access to our files. You can only imagine how terrible it is to have 7 people in an office in France and 2 people in an office in China not being able to work for 5 working days. Of course, they didn’t care about this. I even wrote to the CEO on LinkedIn and he didn’t even care enough to answer. Finally on the Friday we got 90 % of our files back and we were able to work again. At last we needed over one month to successfully copy all our files to another cloud provider. I need to mention we never got the missing 10% back. It was quite complicated as the files are not in our computers, only on the cloud. And of course they provided absolutely no assistance to copy all the files at once on a disk drive. So please do not make the same mistake as me: don’t risk your company by using this cloud provider !

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    • Dear Sir, Thank you for connecting with us. We value all our customers reviews. With regards to your situation, your account is suspended and deleted automatically due to non renewal. Renewal can be done through our Customer Portal with payment is made. Our billing system will email you with multiple email reminders before account is being suspended. After which, data will remain in our system for 30 days just incase you decided to renew service. If payment is not made data will all be deleted without notice after 30 days. The official channel to reach our customer service and/or support is at For further clarification, please connect with us directly at Thank you.

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