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    December 09, 2014
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    December 09, 2014

    REliable and excellent service

    I don't know about the reviewer that said scam and had all the problems. Sounds much like operator error to me, certainly hasn't been my experience. I'm a small hosting company that manages a considerable number of dedicated servers and we've used many other major companies. We moved most of our server business to Singlehop about a year or so ago because of excellent reviews we read elsewhere and always having problems with the other company we were doing business with. I won't say they are perfect or flawless, but then who is? But I will say that we've had nothing but excellent service and support and their servers have been totally consistent and without issue. We had one in which they made a mistake selling it to us with a hard drive size they didn't have for it and they upgraded to a bigger one for no extra cost. And the few times we've had small technical issues, not necessarily their fault, they've responded quickly, professionally and efficiently.

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