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    March 14, 2011
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    March 14, 2011

    Best host I've ever had. Plain and simple.

    As the title says, SingleHop has been the best host I've ever been with. I've been through free hosting, shared hosting, "grid-service" hosting, VPS', cloud, and one other dedicated provider. The other provider I ended up leaving because they were taking way to long to provision my server, which Singlehop had mine up and running very quickly. I've only really had one problem in specific with Singlehop. I had a few HDD failures when switching between servers. While this did cause a major headache for me, their technicians helped me through it and ended up giving me a months free credit for it. Since then however, I've had NO problems. This was over 2 months ago. I was able to restore all data off the faulty HDD's as well. Besides that one incident, it's been 100% uptime, literally. No downtime, period. The servers are great, the connection and latency is blazingly fast, the support is AMAZING, lowest dedi prices I've seen. Overall an amazing web host, and the only one I'd recommend.

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