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    May 29, 2015
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    May 29, 2015

    Do yourself a favor, don't use Site5

    I had a whopping 3 days of service with Site5 before I changed back to Hostgator (a company I hate but at least they work). In that three days I had: - Migrations done incorrectly that locked me out of my WHM (and it took them 5 hours of back and forth in support emails with me to figure out "oops, that's our bad, its fixed now" - The slowest web sites I have ever paid to host. I went from 3-5 draw times on Hostgator to 2 minute draw times on Site5 for the exact same site. - Unusable cPanel and WHM - things were so slow that every single click inside cPanel or WHM would take at least 45 seconds to process! - Broken WHM - they would ask me to log in for EVERY SINGLE LINK I CLICKED in WHM! That was my final straw and I pulled the plug

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