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    May 28, 2017
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    May 28, 2017

    It was the best hosting in 2013, now it's the worst!

    I have been a customer of site5 since 2013 It was the best one out there, no doubts about that, last year it became a disaster. I run into uptime issues, DNS issues, and more. I keep them until last week. Last month my sites were down for almost 10 days, and they escalated the issue to the senior of the senior of the senior, and nobody was able to fix it. I had the shared hosting plan, so all my sites were down, and it was their fault, and then they blame one of my plugins, and they could't even respond which one it was. I used a service that tracked uptime for one of my websites also a couple of months ago, and it was horrible, I would get emails all the time with "your site is down", wtf? 99.9% uptome right? And the front line support, man, they used to respond VERY fast, and they used to be good techincal people, now they take forever to respond, they don't seem to know what a domain is, they couldn't fix a DNS record if they life depended on it. So basically, I hired a2hosting, it's too soon to tell, but they already have me free SSL for all my websites, which is amazing, and they have a more updated PHP version than site5, so I'm not running into problems with woocommerce and other scripts as I used to. Bottom line: Don't hire Site5

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