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    April 20, 2018
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    April 20, 2018

    Site5 is a Nightmare

    We have been using IXweb for many years with pretty decent support and uptime. However, over the past year or so, their support and downtime and problems began getting horrible, as apparently all companies that EIG buys out have happen to them. Last week, all of our websites became inaccessible. Upon checking, it turned out that IXweb had sold our account to Site5 (or in their terms, transferred to a sister company). That started the nightmare. ALL of our SSL certs were lost and would not be compensated, so we have to buy brand new ones. ALL of our email accounts are still dead. None will accept any emails sent from every domain that I have tried. All get a bounced notification. ALL of our websites were dead until we went in to every single one and changed the DNS. Phone support is now non-existent. This probably because this is an Indian company with no one who speaks English. All support now either has to go through a LiveChat (which takes roughly 2-3 minutes for a reply to any question or comment on it), or via a ticket system with the same results but hours/days instead of minutes. I would recommend Site5 and the whole EIG crud group slightly higher than being bitten by a rabid wolverine, and slightly below being stung by a swarm of African Killer Bees. That sweet spot right in the middle of the two.

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