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    February 27, 2019
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    February 27, 2019


    SiteGround is fantastic! The offer is excellent at each of its three Shared Hosting grades. The key to SiteGround is the almost instantaneous support that always leads to a solution; almost always at first contact. I would estimate that all inexperienced, and experienced users will find they will learn something at every interaction with SiteGround. I also think that most developers will too. Those developers who have nothing to learn from the the support for shared hosting will be using dedicated servers. There, the support is even more specialised and, again, I bet even the most tech savvy developer would learn something from the Cloud and Dedicated Server support channel. Some say that there are sites that offer more options/memory/whatever. This is incorrect. 98% of users do not need those extras and they cost the provider almost nothing to add, so don't fall for it!. They are the sort of film-flam SiteGround refuses to get embroiled in. The SiteGround site builder (Weebly) is the equal of any other for a simple site, commercial or hobbyist. Beyond that, users should not be using the offer made by hosting companies, SiteGround included. They should be using WordPress or Joomla in my view. See below for comment on site builders for WP and Joomla. My advice is not to discriminate between providers on the basis of the host's built in site builder. The WP and Joomla visual site builder offers out there now knock hosting offers into a cocked hat - and I'm including those providers offering a version of Weebly in that statement - I'm looking at you SiteGround. In WP, you can do anything with Divi, or Elementor or Beaver, or X Theme and so forth. The same is true with Joomla - I'm thinking of Quix, SP and JA, Rocket, Gantry. The paid 'Pro' offers from these companies are so cheap now that there is no need to tie your site-builder decision to your provider decision. In fact, the free versions of those mentioned are probably all a non-developer are likely to need - especially Elementor Pro (I'm defining a developer as somebody earning their living from building sites) . You've got this far in my review, so just sign up! Then create your WordPress site with Elementor. Then, sit back, and know when a problem comes around, as it will, SiteGround support will 'fix you'!

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