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    November 17, 2019
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    November 17, 2019

    Horrible support! Complete ripoff!

    SiteGround failed get my domain transferred and I had to revert to my previous hosting service and pay them what SiteGround couldn’t do. SiteGround refused to refund my domain registration fees even though the did nothing. No site transfer! No domain registration! Plus, they failed to configure my email accounts correctly. After 3 separate attempts to troubleshoot email issues, I was left with an excuse that my email client was broken and I’d have to take it up with MacMail. Seriously?!? I’ve successfully set up several email accounts with Mac before this. IMAP or POP3 doesn’t matter. SiteGround suggested webmail would be an adequate solution. SERIOUSLY?!? I want to use Mail because it is integrated with apps on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I don’t want to use a second rate web browser to access my email!!! That’s not a solution at all! I requested full refund for my prepaid hosting services and a transcript of my last chat, As of now, I still haven’t received confirmation for either. FRAUD!!!

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    • Hi James, We were sorry to hear you have decided to discontinue your account with us. We reviewed your case and we would like to address your comments separately. With regard to the domain name transfer, it is correct that as per our money-back policy this service is not eligible for a refund as it is custom-tailored for you as a client. The records in our system show the process could not be completed because the submission of EPP code was not successful and the transfer did not go through. Please note this information is taken from the previous domain registrar and you fill it out in the transfer forms and as we do not have access to these details we could not assist further with the transaction. We acknowledge that since the domain transfer was not completed you have not used the service with us, and we made an exception to our policy and issued a full refund for it. We also want to confirm that as per your request via chat, your hosting account was canceled and we issued a full refund for your plan. The money will be returned to you within the next 7-10 business days. We have sent a copy of the transcript from the chat session to the administrative email address of the hosting account We understand that you prefer using MacMail as an email client and our team has tried 3 different options of the setup troubleshooting the error you encountered but unfortunately, none of them lead to a solution to the problem. We would like to clarify that we have tested and made sure that the email service works on server level and this was confirmed by the successful sending and receiving of a test email via the webmail. This result left the MacMail client itself as being the origin of the problem and our agent has suggested you contact their support and ask for assistance on the proper way to set up the email using the SiteGround configuration. We have only offered to consider using the webmail as an alternative for emails until you get back to us from MacMail's support on how the issue could be resolved permanently. Regards, SiteGround Team

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