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    April 18, 2020
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    April 18, 2020

    Siteground’s appaling product and service

    Below is the email I sent to Siteground on 17 April 2020 in which I describe in details the total horror of their product and customer service. Hello, I am ecstatic to let you know that I want to cancel my services with you. The experience has been, in one word, atrocious. From day one, your hosting has been shocking, and time and time again when we sought support we were told it was our website; there were problems, there were coding issues, it was the number of plugins we use, it was the WPML plugin, it was our backup plugin, it was us opening too many tabs, it was everything possible but your service. It drove us crazy. In three months we opened over 50 support tickets, and the end result was as abysmal as it can be with none of them having solved a single issue. And now I have come to a discovery which I am delighted to share with you. A discovery that has proven that it is actually been your heinous product and service all the time. I wish to show you some screenshots of our cloned website hosted on the same VPS plan as you have, but with Chemicloud and for testing purposes on a different domain. Please enjoy the following screenshots, and while I am at it, I would like to stress that we want a total refund of our paid hosting services with you as the amount of sales we have lost due to your continuous 500 servers errors, as well as CF errors, has costed us thousands of Euros income. In this screenshot you see over 26 tabs open at the same time in my browser. Whilst open, I scanned all over 50 plugins with WPML for strings, which are almost 40,000! On your VPS plan, I wasn’t even able to scan 1,000 strings without the server encountering a 500 error. To make things a little more challenging for the new host, at the very same time this was all going on I created a backup with All in One Migration, another plugin you happily told me was causing issues with your hosting. Needless to say, not a problem with Chemicloud. While I was scanning all those 40,000 strings, I also tested if this server could handle me setting the number of order items in WC from 20/page to 999/page, see at the very same time. No problem at all! No time-out error, nada, nothing. And so I decided to do another backup with All in One Migration. Still while scanning those files. And surely, no time out or even a much slower performance. Once the scanning of 40,000 strings was done, for good measure I did it again. And 5 minutes later again. No problem at all. And while this was all going on in the back-end, I fiercely browsed the website to see if there was any delay in opening pages (or, as what would happen with your service, we would see a 500 server error (the number of times we and our customers have seen this screen,, cannot be counted). No matter how many pages I opened and kept open on the front end, adding products to my cart, deleting them, opening other pages etc. no errors… To test the last excuse I was given at some point by your staff (I was told I should close the tabs when not using as if having a few tabs open is something a VPS server can’t handle…), I left all 26 dashboard tabs open overnight and asked my colleagues to do the same, resulting in combined having over 100 active tabs open all night. I am sure by now you can guess the result? It all worked fine. For a moment you did make us believe that our site was the culprit as with fancy tools you scanned our site and with techy language kept on coming back with apparent reasons that there was nothing wrong with Siteground, but everything with our website. In true Donald Trump fashion, everything else got the blame as you conveniently dodged your own responsibility and you were happily pointing your fingers at everything and everyone but yourself. You even told us that upgrading to your highest plan would not solve our issues as the issue was our website… Chemicloud has shown us that on their Iron plan (their lowest level VPS, same specs as yours, see everything you told us wasn’t possible, everything that you told us was due to our website having errors, all the excuses in the world you managed to bring out, it was all total bullshit. In our last communication on 17 April, you told us that our site is heavily overloading your CPU and RAM on the server, see and With above examples of how we purposely tried to exhaust Chemicloud’s server, don’t you see that your product is of inferior quality? Siteground, you have been degraded to an second class amateur. Now, I can anticipate your excuse (I have heard this one before, yawn…) in which you say that you don’t know what Chemicloud’s server configuration is, but that excuse doesn’t hold as their quality is light years ahead of you, at slightly a higher price. It’s like you’re selling me a crappy beaten up, second hand, broken down Volkswagen for pretty much the same price that Chemicloud is selling me a brand new Mercedes. And you have the guts to tell me it’s me, the driver, who doesn’t know how to drive the car and breaks it down. Totally ridiculous. And so, I demand a full refund for our hosting services with you and will transfer our site over to Chemicloud, with a smile on my face as I am about embark on a hosting journey with a provider that A) delivers, and B) doesn’t make the client believe the issue is with them. And the attitude you have by not allowing us to post tickets anymore because we have taken up too much of your time, see is beyond scandalous considering from day one, your service and hosting quality, excuse my French, has been piss poor. How dare you limit access to support when it is your product that fails miserably? Siteground, you have been the worst nightmare possible in hosting-land. An to top it all off, even Chemicloud had troubles connecting to your crappy services, see when they were trying to migrate the site over. I expect a confirmation of my email ASAP as well as a full refund for both the shared hosting and VPS hosting we paid. And do not hesitate to compensate us for the dozens of hours and lost income. It would behoove you to do so, although based upon our experiences I seriously doubt you have the decency to refund us for the hosting costs, let alone for all lost hours and lost income. p.s. I even totally forgot to mention the issues we encountered with some browsers (both desktop and mobile) not displaying images, see Of course, in true Siteground fashion, the blame was with our site and we were, for the gazzilionst time, referred to your friends Codeable as they’re good developers who can at super high rates fix this all. Our site doesn’t need fixing! Your hosting service do! Guess what? On Chemicloud, all browsers show images perfectly fine. Yet another massive fail from your end.

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    • Hello Patrick, Hello Patrick, We are sorry to see you go. Our records show that you have upgraded your account from a shared hosting account to a Cloud Entry plan. Despite the upgrade, your website was still experiencing high load issues, which were caused by the WordPress configuration and plugins used at that time. Our Support reps did their best to assist you with the diagnostics and the troubleshooting of the reported issues. We understand that you are disappointed by the provided assistance from our end, but it seems that on a few occasions, you had contacted us to report issues that could not be replicated, such as the missing images issue. As the images of your website were visible in some type of browsers, and not on others, this suggests that the issue was not in the uploaded images on your hosting location, but in the way, your WordPress website was built to serve these images in different browsers. As much as we want to help all of our clients, some issues such as the speed optimization fall outside of our scope of support and need extensive troubleshooting, which is why we recommend the website owners to check with a developer of their own choice. In regards to your refund request, we see that you have fully used the prepaid monthly period for your Cloud account. As per our cancellation policy, the Cloud payments are refunded in full within the first 15 days of the upgrade in case of cancellation. Despite that, we have made a one-time exception and refunded your last monthly fee for the Cloud plan, as you are clearly not happy with the service.

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