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    January 22, 2014
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    January 22, 2014


    We doubt that this response will be allowed to be posted, but here goes. We contracted superb for a dedicated server a year or so ago. It was a decent price and seemed to have good reviews. Once the server was setup we saw how dreadfully slow the server was. Upon trying to get support we were told again and again that dedicated server do not come with support unless you pay for support credits. We limped the server along until we found a much better solution. Since then they have invoiced and charged us for another six months of service. Part of our contract was a rent to own server. Well now they want $90 to ship the server and will not lift a finger to put the package out for mail so we can get it after we sent them a postage label. Stay awy from these guys. They will not help grow your business, because you will spend most of the time having email conversations about not providing a refund of not being able to place the server out for mail pickup. There are dozens of host

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