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    November 20, 2015
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    November 20, 2015

    Nothing but downtime and disappointment

    As a loyal ex customer for over five years I finally had to pull the plug on Superb hosting. Repeated outages, at times three times a week are simply unacceptable. We had to endure hour-long downtime, which remained unexplained and handled abysmally. Earlier this year their power failed and as poorly as they are organized their backup power failed, too! This meant my online services were inaccessible for half a day. Of course, they did not bother with an apology or even keeping customers in the loop. Over the years we have been plagued with their incompetence to deal with DDOS or just plain stupid mistakes, which brought down the network. 99.99% uptime? You wish – I don’t’ think they even believe this themselves. I would have had better uptime by hosting from my laptop at home. The overall infrastructure and management UI is outdated and has not improved in years. The servers kept getting slower due to improper management of virtual clients. It's been nothing but downhill for years wit

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