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    February 01, 2011
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    February 01, 2011


    This hosting is terrible. My website was never online, and when I called them I had to wait 37 minutes, when they said a maximum 3 minute wait. When I finally reached someone, they send send in a support ticket, maximum wait for that was 18 minutes, but I had to wait 27 hours for a response, and do you know what they said? "Sorry there is nothing we can do about that". So my website is not working and there is nothing they can do? I finally reached the manager over the phone complaining and wanting a refund, he at least knew what to do. After 72 hours they emailed me back saying there are no refunds, as stated in the TOS. But even in the TOS it says you can get refunds within 30 days. I had to go to PayPal and open a case. They said the same thing. I moved the case to PayPal and they forced Super Green Hosting to send me a refund for the item I don't have. Super Green Hosting also owns Just Host, and Host Clear. They are a very bad and rude hosting company!

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