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    December 20, 2012
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    December 20, 2012


    Not only the server are slow the support aren't very helpful. Prepare for a lot of down time at this over selling company. Any host that offers master resellers are not good, stay away from these type of companies cause they oversell the server with a lot of abusers. BEWARE!!!

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    • May I ask when you were a client with us, either under the previous Pluto Hosting brand or under the newly re-launched UZRHosting brand? Any unscheduled downtime we have had has been resolved in a reasonable amount of time, and clients have been compensated as per our Service Level Agreement, and if our support staff can't help you out, then the management team certainly can! Can you please let me know what resource abuse you are talking about? UZR Hosting has a resource abuse policy in place and we adhere to it very strictly. Finally, you also stated that our servers are slow, may I ask what gives you that impression, since we are running on a very powerful dedicated server, and it is carefully monitored for any performance issues that could cause the server to slow down.

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