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    February 11, 2008
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    February 11, 2008


    Vistapages is the worst host I have ever had the unfortunate luck to deal with, They claim 99.9% uptime this is a lie. They are really rude and arrogant towards customers. Something goes wrong they blame the customer, they will not take the responsibility. I done a whois on their customer statements page and only 6 of them were pointed to vistapages, 2 of them gave me a virus, 2 are empty and 2 are actual sites. I had one guy cancel the live chat on me because I was stupid enough to ask why my site was down. I posted in their support forums and they deleted my posts. I take it them other two reviews are from kaumil(the owner) he tends to have a few different persona's. Do yourself a favour and just google vistapages before handing these guys any money Once they have that payment you are in trouble. regards

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