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    June 07, 2008
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    June 07, 2008

    Biggest cheaters on the web Vista pages and Mr kaumil Patel

    Hi, My name is Andi Bhatt and i am running a website Mr Kaumil Patel is saying so many big things. But i am facing so many troubles from Vista Pages and Vista Pages made my life hell. First of all they took money from me for couple of years that is 150 dollers, I had too many problems when i started. When ever i contacted their customer service they had no proper answers for the down time and slowness of the site. I was fed up and then i asked for my money back. When i asked for my money back they sent me an email that we have worked on your site and its working fine now and we will make sure that it never happenes in future. Now they passed the month time without any problem, After one month when money back period passed they have started their game again. on my site where user submits their favorite stories. Now what these clever guys have done is they blocked my submit.php file so no body can submit anything.Kaumil Patel, hes the biggest fraud.

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