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    June 19, 2008
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    June 19, 2008

    They will kill you

    I also been screwed by Vistapages they lost all my data and said I should have done a back up, well they should have done the same. Then in an attempt to change DNS they flat out said "NO", I then attempted to transfer my domain name and tickets were just closed no response. Yet with no explaination as to why. **NOTE TO ALL TRYING TO TRANSFER DOMAIN NAMES FROM VISTAPAGES** Vistapages is a domain name RESELLER and not a REGISTRAR, they fall under ENOM Inc. Who clearly is not going to tolerate their shady practices and this is a good thing. ** Need Help Transfering Domain Names From Vistpages? Try Steps Below** 1. Google ENOM, INC 2. Click on Enom web link 3. Top of page click HELP 4. Scroll to bottom of page click CONTACT US 5. On the right side of the page e-mail LEGAL SUPPORT In less that 24 hours I received a EPP Code, or transfer authorization code, but this won't solve the hosting problems. But if you need to move a domain name, and being blocked by Vistapages this will work (My ticket then read I am REsending LOL). If they sent it the first, or second time I would have never had to e-mail Enom. In fact Enom needs to know exactly which type of reseller they are dealing with. Vistapages is clearly in violation of ICANN, and Enom is not going to allow them to be, Big ups to Enom. SO let's all e-mail Enom Inc. legal sevices. OK, don't fight with Vistapages about domain names, they will only make your life a living hell. 1. Don't sign up 2. Get out, but if you need your domain name follow intructions above I don't hate Vistapages because it's not in my nature, I only expect the service in which I paid for, that they did not provide. Saying that, I was in, now I want out, well in fact I got out, lost money (plenty of documents to prove it), but a leason well learned. Saying that, is also to say this, I really didn't care about the domain name anyway, they killed it, I lost money on it, and the domain is tarnished. I only fought because I knew they was in violation of ICANN, and they can not stop you from transfering domain names. Provided the domain name has not expired and money owed, or within 60 days of transfer, renewal, or just purchased. Check ICANN rules. I can go on and on, but I will not, only trying to help consumers who feel that they have been screwed but want to move on. The information provided above will assist you with recovering your domain name from Vistapages. But next your credit card company, or paypal will help you recover your money from this horrible hosting service. I am working on this next, and will update once successful, we all want a good hosting service. But no one wants to get screwed out of their money illegally.

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