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    August 30, 2018
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    August 30, 2018

    Great Service, Support and Reliability! Need I Say More?

    I have multiple servers running on both the High Memory VPS and Premium VPS. I've been using them for almost 3 years now. I first tried GoDaddy for my VPSes, but they were overpriced and very unreliable so that prompted me to find a new provider. I'm so glad that I found VPSDime. Just because they are cheap doesn't mean that you get what you pay for. Quite the contrary! I have yet to have one outage in the 3 years. Their customer service is extremely responsive. I usually get a response in under 15 minutes., I even recommended them to a client of mine who was paying $7000+ to host on AWS. I helped them migrate to better, faster, more reliable servers on VPSDime (AWS had 2 outages last year) for a total price point of $1500+. No more worries about incidental charges for bandwidth usage, emails, etc.. either that are always surprises with AWS. My client has never looked back. Of course, there are improvements that VPSDime can do to the payment process as well as a more mobile friendly support site, but those are minor compared with what really matters: reliable, fast servers that are always up and running with great customer support. I think it is important to mention that 2 years ago VPSDime did not yet support IPv6 and one of our applications required it, So, I was forced to find a different provider that had IPv6 support. I ended going with HostWinds. HostWinds reliability was just as good as VPSDime's, but that's where the comparison stopped. HostWinds locks you into a 6 month up front payment, so if you want to cancel before the end of the term, they will only give you a credit, not a refund. VPSDime also only gives a credit, but since you're paying monthly it is not such a big deal. HostWinds also automatically renews for another 6 months and does not notify you of that renewal. If you ask them to notify you they just say "no, sorry we don't do that". VPSDime does notify every month. In addition, recently HostWinds disabled IPv6 support for my VPS without any warning. When I finally found out what had happened, customer support said "You have a legacy VPS which doesn't support IPv6" despite the fact that it did support it before. No apologies. Nothing. When I complained, they said that I can move to a newer VPS on their network. I told them "no way!" and requested a refund. They gave me a partial refund of 2 months instead of 5 months. So, of course, I moved that VPS to VPSDime, Not only is it half the price of the HostWinds VPS, but it is also twice as fast! I'm so happy I found VPSDime!

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