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    February 13, 2017
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    February 13, 2017

    The worst service I've ever used

    Constant downtime. 1-click installs do not work. (Tested ghost, eyes and a few others. All had some forms of error during usage or configuration)

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    • Dear Res, We understand how frustrated you must feel when you are trying to do something and things don't work and we have tried our best to help you with the information you have provided. However, there is not much we can do when you refuse to contact support and instead tweet short statements at us without any additional information. There was indeed some slight downtime last month during a scheduled migration of the server your account is located on but you experienced a longer downtime as you hadn't pointed your domain to the new server after the migration. We tried contacting you over email and phone to help you point your domain to no avail and eventually managed to find you on Twitter and resolved this issue. Prior to this, your IP was getting blocked regularly probably by an app you are using to connect to our server. When trying to connect to your account or website from a blocked IP, it might seem that the service is down but to the rest of the world, it wouldn't be. The fastest way to get your IP unblocked and find the reason why it gets blocked as to prevent it from happening again is via our Live Chat where we can see your IP and test it immediately. By refusing to contact our support in this matter you are limiting the things we can do to help considerably. In regards to your issue with eyeOS and Ghost, these are not related to the downtime you have cited. EyeOS is a relatively old software and it requires an older version of PHP - 5.3, while the current version of your account is 5.6, which is one possible reason you might have been unable to install it. Since the application has already been deleted from your account, we cannot be sure if this was the case. After your tweet, we tried installing eyeOS via Softaculous in a newly created default account on the same server as your account and encountered no issues which leads us to believe some PHP extension was disabled or you were using a different PHP version during your installation. Ghost is an application which requires node.js and root privileges to be installed and used, as shown in their documentation. However, Softaculous have released a modification which doesn't require node.js environment. Therefore, as we can see, you have managed to install the application. As we have no login details and you haven't disclosed any specific error you see, the troubleshooting is not possible. When it comes to software which requires custom setup, contacting our support team is needed so that they can investigate, recreate the errors and help you fix them. We would like to invite you once again over our live chat to discuss the issues you're facing. If live chat is not convenient for you, we will be happy to give you a personal call at any time convenient for you.

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