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    September 10, 2020
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    September 10, 2020

    Excellent customer service, amazing uptime, and priced amazingly well!

    tldr; WHP is the best low priced web host we've ever had the pleasure of working with. With such a low price, don't just take our word for it, go find out for yourself! Now for the wall of text: We've been with for what, now more than 7 years? Maybe longer. We host a half dozen websites with them, and the price is phenomenal. We were always wary of cheap hosting, but wow, these guys and their service put the competition to shame. Amazing support team, quick and helpful. They leave you alone as long as you maintain a healthy and secure site, and are there when you need them, night or day (which is helpful since our org is international). Their chat support is super fast, and any critical tickets get resolved within minutes or non critical tickets within hours depending on the issue. We are on their cheapest package, and our organization has saved a ton of money going with WHP over other solutions. We're quite happy. After they helped up resolve our latest self-inflicted issue, we told support we recommend WHP to other orgs when we are asked for webhosts to recommend, and WHP support suggested we leave feedback here, so here we are! We don't know how they make their money with so low prices, while still giving such great service. Perhaps its because they have the right team and know how to retain good talent, and thus retain their customers. Thanks WHP if you're reading this. We know we don't give you much in terms of revenue, and certainly we've probably put you through more then our worth in grief by pulling the support trigger often too soon for even the little things, but always you've been there and always willing to help get our questions answered, and emergency situations resolved quickly and efficiently, and more importantly, you've done an outstanding job in terms of uptime and support to keep our sites running. The latest complete recovery and restoration of our sites from a targeted hack that wiped everything out due our own negligence, only took an hour by your team to get us back to a place as if nothing happened, as the most recent example. Thanks for getting us back on our feet (again)! If anyone wants a third party opinion, and to verify this review, by all means contact us by send email to sales at buffalomachineworks dot com; but for such amazing prices, we don't know why anyone would simply just not sign up and see for themselves. We hope WHP stays in business for a long time. Finding a good priced, but responsive host is rare these days. We hope this review helps convince others to sign up with them so they can stay in business even longer, as we definitely will be staying with WebHostingPad in the future.

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