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    April 22, 2014
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    April 22, 2014

    Worst web host in existence

    Here is a partial list of features Yahoo DOESN"T support that every other commercial (and more than a few FREE web hosts) has supported for years: * no url rewriting (.htaccess). If you want to install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal then get used to urls like page=page-title&section=blog. If you reorganize your site, all your links will break. * no editing MIME types. MIME type is by file extension and file extension only. * your account root is your document root. So there is no way of keeping files securely on the server. Anything you upload must be web- accessible. * database server goes down constantly. With my test Drupal install, requests timed out more often than not. Yahoo's MySQL server cannot be relied upon. * poor network access. I had a site that was mirroring content from one of my other sites. Yahoo blocked fetching from the remote site (I tested by fetching another site). No one at Yahoo knows anything about it. In short GO ELSEWHERE!

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