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Top 10 Hosting Reseller Plans

Reseller hosting provides individuals and businesses with a way to easily earn income from the hosting market. This is how reseller hosting works: you purchase a huge chunk of a web server, partition it into exactly as many pieces as you like, and then resell them to other customers. Essentially, reseller hosting is like founding your very own web hosting company without having to start from the ground-up, developing a server and then fixing up the technology yourself. Below are the best 10 reseller web hosting providers ranked by 15480 real customers.

Rank Company Name Special Price Plan Features User Feedbacks
1 InMotionHosting
Best Value and Reliable
$27.99 $13.99 50% OFF Unlimited Accounts
Private Nameservers
SSH Access
1355 Customer Reviews
2 GreenGeeks
Green Reseller Hosting
$19.95$0.01 for 1st month 24/7 Support
Unlimited Disk Space
Free eNom Account
395 Customer Reviews
3 HostGator
Best Reseller Hosting
$24.95 $19.96 20% OFF Unlimited Domains
Free Site Builder
4,500 Free Templates
452 Customer Reviews
4 BlueHost
Reliable Reseller Hosting
$19.95 $19.95- $99.95 Free Billing System
Unlimited Domains
Multiple Languages
680 Customer Reviews
5 HostPapa
Canadian Reseller Hosting
$19.95 $19.95 - $79.95 Free WHM/cPanel
Unlimited Websites
Free Billing Software
580 Customer Reviews
6 JustHost
Reliable Reseller Hosting
$20.95 $19.95 5% OFF Private Name Servers
Free cPanel Accounts
Unlimited FTP Accounts
688 Customer Reviews
7 CoolHandle
Trusted Reseller Hosting
$24.95$19.95 20% OFF Instant Backup/Restore
Unlimited Websites
Fantastico Included
39 Customer Reviews
8 LunarPages
Affordable Reseller Hosting
$19.95 1-24mo billing Free Domain Name
Free Billing Manager
$700 Bonus Software
301 Customer Reviews
9 Site5
Cloud Reseller Hosting
$23.95 CLOUD: $50.00 Unlimited Resold Accounts
Free Billing Software
22 Customer Reviews
10 MochaHost
Cheap Reseller Hosting
$13.95 $9.87 15% OFF Free Domain Name
Unlimited Accounts
RAID 10 Protection
27 Customer Reviews

Introduction to Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is one of the newer technologies to hit the scene in recent memory. It’s a practice that helps both the reseller-hosting provider and the customer, too. This works because, through the technology, the web hosting company is able to extend some of their services to the average consumer, giving them the opportunity to create recurring profits using their hardware set-up: Oh, and it’s also quite affordable, too!

Options provided by the reseller plans to people like you and me generally come with a few basic elements: A volume discount for reselling accounts, an affiliate program, and a private label solution. Each of these individual bits adds up to a cost-effective method for small businesses to start making some legitimately good profits from web hosting. In fact, a lot of those companies that start out using reseller package end-up upgrading to their own infrastructure and a larger hosting client base.

As reseller hosting accounts become more common, though, so too will the tiny tricks and sly methods that hosting firms use to snooker you into cheap but bad services. To help you avoid these pitfalls, you’ll find an explanation of popular reseller hosting methods below.

The Affiliate Program:

If you’re looking for the birth of the reseller hosting market, this is it. The idea is pretty simple, and it’s since led to a lot of cool innovations. Essentially, the web host company that you’re affiliated with will pay you to refer traffic to them. For instance, if you’re a web designer who has a load of clients asking for web hosting (and you don’t want to provide this yourself) you can very easily send them over to your preferred hosting provider, with whom you have an affiliate relationship, and they’ll in turn cut you a share of the profits that they make from that account. It’s quick, it’s simple, and in a lot of cases it can make you some serious cash.

The Semi-Transparent Model:

This is like a bridge in evolution between points number one and three. Essentially, you purchase a volume discount license from a reseller host. This gives you so many accounts to work with, and you can sell them out as you see fit. Typically you let your clients know that you’re working with a larger web hosting business, and you decide how much support and information you’re willing to give. In this way, you can operate as either your own transparent web hosting providing company, or as a middle man between your clients and a larger firm. A good way to make this work is to simply offer dirt cheap pricing. This typically keeps your clients from going to the larger firm and working around you. They’re also paying for the quality of personal service that you can provide, which makes your services as a middle operation even more valuable.

The Full-On Reseller Account:

This is the most recent development, and it’s completely our favorite. Like the point above, you purchase a set number of accounts to resell, and then you provide those accounts to your own customers. However, in this method your clients will never know that you’re not your own professional hosting company. You operate under your own brand, your own website, and you offer all of the technical support. It’s very effective, and if you’re looking for a truly incredible way to get established on the market for not a lot of money, this is easily the way to go.

What Your Reseller Host Should Offer

As a reseller host, and not a traditional hosting provider yourself, there are certain aspects that your partner company will need to take care of. And if you’re hoping to survive in this niche market, you’re going to need to ensure these bases are covered.

Your host provider should be able to help you with any and all hardware failures, power outages, and service interruptions: And quickly too! On the other hand, you are going to need to be able to keep your clients happy and calm, even when their site is down. This means a lot of smooth footwork, and don’t be a conman about it. Ask the partner firm for immediate updates, and funnel this information to your clients in as smooth and as professional a way as you know how. In the end, the performance of your reseller solution provider is what makes or breaks your company, but your own ability to sell your services and provide personable support makes a world of difference.

And with a little luck and effort, we are confident that you’ll be able to turn quite a lot of profit out of the industry. It’s a fun place to be, and it’s a very rewarding line of work. So if you’re looking to put your face on the map in terms of web hosting, where else can we suggest you go but straight to an hosting reseller?

Article written by Dmitry Nekrasov.

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