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Avoid like the plague

by : otis ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : December 10, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


Always down, stupid operators, poor tech, what's not to like?


This group can't support anything...ever...

by : webguy ⋅ From : virginia ⋅ Date : December 10, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


Worst customer support i've ever experienced from an online business. They claim they have online live chat support, but it's never available and they claim the queues are long, but i just think it's down. Horrible support. I paid my bill, then they sent me a notice my www would be shut down if i didnt pay. I sent an email with my paid invoice and receipt, then they wanted me to submit a ticket to VERIFY I WAS WHO I CLAIMED... horrible..avoid at all costs


Fast support

by : Ivana ⋅ From : Petrinja, Croatia ⋅ Date : December 10, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I had any issues I couldn't solve myself, they did it like in a minute, great company


Not worth it

by : AJ ⋅ From : Vancouver, Canada ⋅ Date : December 10, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


I signed up with Hostupon as they are/claim to be a Canadian Hosting company. Over the past year I've realized that their service is sub par at best and their customer service team while responsive lack actual basic customer service skills. I would avoid them at all costs as there a lot of better options out there.


I'm happy with my choice!

by : Luiz Lemos ⋅ From : Minas Gerais, Brazil ⋅ Date : December 10, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I have no software skills and I'm able to manage my website. The support is a must!

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