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VPS Server

by : Nigel Kentish ⋅ From : Newcastle, Australia ⋅ Date : December 02, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


Took a little while to get my head around the Hepsia interface, but its fast, their service is great, quick response from help desk, more of being pointed in the right direction, everything a host should be...


Stay away, they are scammers

by : Tim Burtag ⋅ From : New York, NY ⋅ Date : December 02, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


I used hostgator during their promotional discounted offer. Their promotional offer was so cheap that I decided to buy multiple domains and use their hosting for my business. I checked hostgator reviews before I signed up. There were actually a lot of "stay away" reviews. Customers complained about getting charged for services they cancelled. I naively thought this won't happen to me. Boy, was I WRONG. I requested to cancel my domain privacy service in April 2016. They told me everything is cancelled. I have the chat message and everything. in August 2016 I realized they were still charging my business card. I thought, wait this isn't right. At this point I still had Domains with them. But I signed up for an annual plan so I should only be billed annually. So I logged into my hostgator account and saw that they've been charging me for the same service I cancelled 4 months ago. So I contact them again and ask what the heck is going on. They said that they were charging me for my othe


Worst Customer Support I've ever dealt with

by : Joseph ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : December 02, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


My VPS was down due to an error on their end. 3+ days later, a half dozen phone calls and live chats with no information and complete stonewalling and it's magically fixed once someone from the actual support team, as opposed to the Indian help center, looks at it. It just took three days for someone from the actual support team to even look at it.


Terrible Service, Slowest, most overloaded hosting

by : Lawrence ⋅ From : Australia ⋅ Date : December 02, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


For the first month hosting was amazing, after that, 35 second page loads. months of calls trying to rectify. Moved hosts > similar specced "plan" , went from 35seconds to 4 seconds. Asked godaddy for a refund on the unused 8 months of hosting. No chance, manager simply quoting the refund policy, and not standing by their product.


Overall Sh*t

by : Matthew ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : December 02, 2016 ⋅ Recommend : No


First I would like to say, don't let their "low prices" entice you. You get what you pay for. Crappy hosting. Constant waiting for the site to load. I don't use GoDaddy unless I have to for a client (I do new media marketing and web design). I have had countless problems with their uptime, usability, and over-all service quality. I don't use them for my personal sites. I went with Name Cheap for the hosting and domain registration. I Love their service, even with the cheapest package it still works fantastically! Customer service SUCKS. If you want to talk to them you might want to dig your grave while your at it because you might die waiting for them to get back to you. Don't use them for hosting or domain registration. It sucks and is overpriced for what you get.

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