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Great support team

by : Hadj ⋅ From : ⋅ Date : February 23, 2017 ⋅ Recommend : Yes


I have needed tech support just a few times in the few years I have had Hostpapa hosting my website. Each time it is nice, helpful and the problem sorted out in a very timely manner.


Stay away from VPS with Go-daddy

by : Robert ⋅ From : San Diego, USA, Mexico, Germany ⋅ Date : February 23, 2017 ⋅ Recommend : No


Josh Hartsen, supervisor. One of the most useless support people i have ever talked to in my entire internet career.nable to escalate, unable to refund $30 for a VPS server that never worked, that go-daddy support could not make work in one month. Not only would i never recommend Go-daddy, i will be canceling all Go-daddy services as soon as i replace them with those offered by compaines with integrity which Go-daddy does not have one ounce. first, a bait and switch, saying that a VPS serrver was needed to fix our shared server resource problems, and then offering a migration tool that would not work. found out later it had size limitations, we lost 8 days of web presence. And support never got back to us after extensive requests for help. Now, when i ask for a refund, i get an unsympathetic sales and customerr service rep, who refuesed to give me a supervisior, and finally after refusing my request for a refund after 5 min on hold, finally did give me the supervisor who explained we h


Worst Hosting Company Ever

by : Jesse ⋅ From : Denver, CO ⋅ Date : February 23, 2017 ⋅ Recommend : No


I've been a startlogic customer for years - actually about 10 unfortunate years. Purely out of having so many URLs with the company, I was too lazy to switch hosting. I'm glad I finally did. Constant slow speeds, terrible customer service and their prices keep skyrocketing. oh AND it's freaking 2017 and I have to actually dial a phone number to close my account? ridiculous. NEVER use this company. Waste of money, waste of the internet.

Smart Hosting


by : Jared ⋅ From : Sydney, Australia ⋅ Date : February 23, 2017 ⋅ Recommend : No


Smart hosting was recently purchased by another company. Prior to this they had great customer service which is why I went with them. Friendly staff and quick response. Now I can say from experience they are THE WORST FOR SUPPORT. All I asked was for them to restore shell access for my account after they removed it for some unknown reason. now I have been waiting over 36 hours for them to do anything after requesting about 100 times. Last repsonse was from a very rude person called James who asked me not to use urgent. well James it might not be urgent for you but it bloody well is for me because I can't do any work and have clients hassling me from left right and centre. Time to look around for another hosting provider!!!!


Blame the Customer for Colossal Incompetence: The Bluehost Service Protocol

by : Sonia Novick ⋅ From : Ashland, OR ⋅ Date : February 23, 2017 ⋅ Recommend : No


This company is horrible, and borderline criminally incompetent, Their "migration team" was tasked with moving our e-commerce website to their hosting service and managed to destroy 70% of our nav bars, which had drop-down menus that no longer drop down for our customers to buy our products. THANKS FOR THE TOTAL INCOMPETENCE, BLUEHOST! And, on top of that, they turned it around on us to provide proof that our nav bar buttons and drop-downs were working prior to them completely screwing up! Unbelievable! We are losing untold amounts of money daily now, for which reparations WILL be made. How are they still in business???

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