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Security Issues

Web hosting security and protection

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Domain Keys in the Fight Against Phishing

Anybody with an email address is likely to have countless amounts of phishing messages in their inbox, and they may not even realize it.  This type of threat usually doesn’t…

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The Insecurity of the Open-source CMS

Open-source content management systems are incredibly popular these days.  Unfortunately, one issue that has always plagued this type software is security.  On the surface, it would seem as if open-source…

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VeriSign Passes a Tremendous Milestone

Security is one issue that is on the mind of millions of website owners throughout the world.  It’s good to know that more people are paying attention to the risks…

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The Vulnerability of PHP

The PHP programming language has become one of the most efficient web development tools available. First introduced in 1994, this language has literally been used to create millions of websites…