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How to Install Fail2ban Apache Module

Fail2ban is a popular open-source intrusion prevention software that protects your web server from brute-force attacks by automatically banning IP addresses that show malicious activity. It is a valuable instrument…

secured server

How to Install mod_security Apache Module

Mod_security is an open-source web application firewall module that can be used to protect Apache web servers from various attacks such as DDoS, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and many more….

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How to Install mod_evasive Apache Module

The mod_evasive Apache module is used to protect web servers against distributed denial of service attacks and other brute-force attacks. It helps to prevent excessive requests from a single IP…

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How to Enable mod_rewrite Apache module on CentOS

mod_rewrite is an Apache module that provides URL rewriting functionality. It allows webmasters to modify URLs before the request is processed by the server. In CentOS, mod_rewrite may not be…

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How to Install Hadoop in Linux

Apache Hadoop is an open-source, distributed computing framework designed to process large volumes of data across clusters of computers. It is particularly useful for big data processing and analysis. In…