Big Data #11: What Big Data Doesn’t Do

Big Data was one the biggest hypes in 2012 and more or less continuing its glory today. Many corporations rushed to embrace it hoping that it will solve the long-standing business problems and make the corporations more competitive. This enthusiasm inevitably brought heightened expectations, which would never materialize given the correct effort.

Big Data #4: Developing In-house Talent

Big Data without doubt is of strategic importance to any company. It is a hot topic on the corporate IT side, many enterprises are trying to hop on the bandwagon and there are many consultants who want to make money out of the situation. But, seriously what are the long term costs of opening such […]

Big Data #3: Impact on the Data Center

Big data brings a big load on the data center. Its name already implies that there is a vast amount of data to be managed. The management of the data is not about simply managing the databases, but is about capturing, curated, maintaining, storing, searching, sharing, analyzing and presenting it. In order to meet with […]

Big Data #2: Planning for the Big Data Analytics

Implementing big data and business analytics are two intertwined areas in current business and IT infrastructure. For many enterprises, big data analytics are in implementation or development stages, offering almost infinite opportunities to be exploited. But to fully exploit the opportunities, big data analytics has to be carefully thought of. Throughout the article, I will […]

Big Data #1: What’s Wrong?

Big data has already become part of our lives. If we review what big data is, s.i.c. from Wikipedia, it is “a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process  using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.” As the cloud services – especially PaaS solutions – […]