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Site5 Detailed Review: The Only Article You’ll Need

Here at Web Hosting Geeks, we really write about web hosting because of only one reason: We really love this industry. Where else will you find such a wide ranging set of ever changing materials, technologies and services? Furthermore, where else will you find a world that needs so much explanation, so much guidance, and […]

Comparison of Popular Web Hosting Methods

In the world of web hosting, there are literally more options than one could shake a stick at—assuming it’s an extremely broad stick, and one with a full three-hundred and sixty degree turning radius, that is. If our metaphor is too vague, what we’re getting at here is that one can literally find hundreds (likely […]

Is Cloud Computing Worth It for Your Business?

Fun fact: In 2010, companies spent $21.5 billion on cloud computing services. Experts estimate that by 2015 the total cost of all businesses using the cloud will be around $72.9 billion. The cloud — this new technology that is heavily used by mammoth corporations like Google, Skype, and Amazon — is here to stay. But […]

The Future of Cloud Computing – Where it’s Going, and What it Means for You

The more that one looks into and considers what cloud computing is, the more it takes on an eerie quality.  As integrated into our lives and even commonplace as the internet has become, it shouldn’t take too much of a childlike sense of wonder to step back and realize how amazing it is that it […]

Future Uses and Growth of Cloud Computing

We live in a day and age where technology is advancing so fast that just ten years ago we could not have foreseen the technological advances that we enjoy today. Certainly we have seen plenty of retina scanning and fingerprint scanners in the movies and in science fiction books. Now, however, we see fingerprint security on […]

Pioneering Cloud and Colocation Facility Opens

Industry-leading cloud and colocation services company ScaleMatrix recently announced the opening of their pioneering flagship data center. The building was constructed specifically for the purpose of hosting services and boasts 50,000 sq. ft. The facility will house cutting-edge cloud hosting technology and highly efficient colocation space. Statement from the CEO In a recent statement by […]

Saving Money and Increasing Sales with the Cloud

“The cloud” has almost become a household description in homes across the globe. Many businesses utilize the cloud in many different ways. However, the most important aspect of cloud computing is using it to generate increased revenue while saving money. Cloud hosting allows users to rent disk space from organizations that can support your website […]

Top 5 Cloud Storage Service Providers

There continues to be a growing demand for cloud computing services, especially among small business owners seeking reliable web hosting services. With the plethora of cloud providers currently available, for many entrepreneurs looking for a reputable service it’s difficult to choose the best cloud host to accommodate hosting needs. There are five cloud hosting providers, however, leading […]

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