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Bit-Defender Internet Security Review

It’s that time of year again, all of the various security suites are coming out with their 2012 versions and redoing interfaces and making it all bigger, stronger and faster….

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Secure Shell Security Tips

Secure Shell or SSH is a security measure that was designed to protect websites from external threats. In the past, users would connect to their servers using Telnet. Now that…


SSL vs. TLS: Which Provides the Best Protection?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are two security protocols that provide encryption and authentication between applications where data travels over an insecure network such as the…

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SSL For Your E-commerce Site

With credit card fraud and identify theft on the rise, consumers are more cautious than ever about shopping online.  If you are running a store online, this means that potential…

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The Insecurity of the Open-source CMS

Open-source content management systems are incredibly popular these days.  Unfortunately, one issue that has always plagued this type software is security.  On the surface, it would seem as if open-source…