The Stressed Admin

When you look at the average IT admin, you will spot certain physical characteristics – hair lost to some degree, pale skin and dark-colored garments are almost certain. But why is that? Why does IT world have some characteristics? It’s because IT support is different from many other career paths. It is rewarding, has a […]

IT Pros: Get Close to the Business

Technology is changing constantly but it is a question whether the IT departments can adapt the same. A long standing problem of the IT department is establishing great relationships with the other departments. The fundamental reason is that both parties view systems differently: users want to go online, chat, use some apps, where IT thinks […]

In-house IT Training Mistakes

First, do not try to make a “confection” training to ease your job, instead try to go on with a “boutique” training. Your users will have different levels of knowledge and you will need to arrange your training accordingly. You cannot deliver the same Microsoft Excel training to the employees in the financial department and […]

IT Pros: Most Valued Soft Skills

It Pro

No matter which company you are working on or which company you are interviewing, there is much more than your excellent administration skills or UNIX wizardry. It was just yesteryears that the corporate IT was looking for people to bridge the gap between the administrators and the end users. Don’t believe that? Just check the […]