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Characteristics of an Excellent Support Engineer

Many support engineers think that having the best technical knowledge is everything they need to get going in their business life. Are they so wrong? At a first glance, maybe not. Take a look at the job description for an average support engineer: server deployment, e-mail/proxy administration, virtualization, monitoring and maintaining servers and network, troubleshooting […]

End User Support: Excuses From The Userland

No matter where you worked in IT support – enterprise, remote, online, consultant, friend, whatever – you have heard many excuses from the end users. When you thought that you heard them all, they begin to be the same over and over again. Only the person who says it differs. Let’s work the list together.

Hey, We Are Employees Too! (Why Is There a Resentment for IT Pros?)

In the company I’m working in and the companies I’m providing consultancy services, I always feel a little bitterness both from the management and from the end users. I can safely say that government tax officials are more welcome than myself, no matter how I behave or what I wear. Really, am I the only […]

Is the Cloud Really a Threat to the IT Department?

The cloud, being one of the major IT transformations for the past couple of years, has been a big bandwagon for the merchants to jump on. You see marketing materials everywhere, especially with the interactive cost calculators that immediately tell you the savings involved. If you look at these cloud calculators closely, you will see […]

IT Pro: Missing Pieces in the Human Element

Internet is all about the articles on Information Technologies, the most regarded ones are the how-tos and breaking tech news for the system administrators. Then comes the product announcements, support forums, downloadable tools, career pages. But what about the IT pro? Throughout my life in IT, whether as an IT pro, IT user or as […]

Where is IT Heading to: Less IT, More Business

I have presented my humble views on the future of the current IT job descriptions in my previous article titled “Cloud Jobs: Skyrocketing is an Understatement.” All of the job descriptions were fairly self explanatory, but one needed a complete discussion: IT/Enterprise Architects. Before giving a technical definition on it, let’s see how the cloud […]

How Will You Host Your E-commerce Site?

If you desire to open a storefront online, take note that there are several methods that can be used to power your e-commerce site, including an in-house solution, colocation, shared hosting, dedicated and managed hosting. The method you choose will depend on various factors, but mainly your budget, level of technical expertise and the requirements […]

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