The Transition from Shared Hosting to the Cloud

Igor Seletskiy of CloudLinux recently gave a presentation on the move from shared web hosting to cloud hosting. During his presentation he focused on specifics element of CloudLinux that are significant aspects of cloud business and not discussed that often. Furthermore, Seletskiy reiterated that “cloud” should not be considered only a technical term for a […]

Advanced Web Hosting Technology

Along with the web hosting industry comes a lot of unfamiliar terms and technical jargon.  While some are self explanatory and a bit easier to process, others are downright confusing, especially to the newcomer who knows little to nothing about the industry.  This article will introduce you to some of the more advanced terms and […]

How to Select the Approprite Load Balancing Technology

Load balancing is a hot topic in the web hosting industry as the technology is being increasingly used in server farms and shared hosting environments.  Its purpose is to fine tune computer systems and networks in a manner that better evenly distributes data and processing across available resources to prevent a single device from being […]