Enterprise Mobile Application Launch: Strategies For The IT Managers

Almost all IT managers know the application deployment and implementation cycle in their companies. But many of them fail to fully understand the issues that come with the mobile applications, and struggle after the launch by revisiting the issues and trying to achieve compliance. We have compiled a list of the must-have items in the […]

You’re Finally Online. Now What? Marketing, Social Media And Mobile Marketing

When I speak to students about business, I always make sure to point out that they just can’t sit by the phone and wait for the calls from prospective clients to pour in. This is when their eyes glaze over. The worst argument I ever heard from a student in response to my talk on […]

Security for Mobile Applications

Mobile applications have developed into one of the most popular trends in the technology sector. However, this has come at a huge price. The quick rise in acceptance equates to businesses rushing applications to the market without extensive security testing. Unfortunately the developers and app stores do not test applications prior to release. Therefore, a […]