Office Work vs. Telecommuting – Why the Former Could Beat the Latter


In the sci-fi era, video communication was a distant feature. Today, the so-called virtual teams, which are geographically dispersed employees communicating with each other using hi-tech equipment, have become common in many organizations. The team members could be in the nearby city or in another continent. This hi-tech communication made many people think that we […]

Why Office 365 Is a Better Choice for Your Business

After more than two years in the field discussing and implementing Office 365 and Google Apps, trying to decide between the pros and cons of both, I can say that Microsoft’s solution is where I drop my anchor. It is far more than checking a few boxes in a spec sheet and then comparing the […]

Marketing WOW! Has the BEST Commercials… and App!

There have long been office sharing apps, usually tying user’s calendars together, or allowing editing of documents by multiple users from remote locations, but there’s something new that really creates a virtual office for multiple users via mobile phones. Do is a cloud-based application that shares tasks and information across your company, tying all necessary […]