Your IT Vendors Can Help Your Business

You purchase various products and services from your vendors. Of course these purchases are in line with your current strategies, based on your capacity planning and strategic decisions. There are still areas that your vendors can assist you in your strategies, expansion plans, operations, costs, which at the end help your business grow.

Specials, Discounts and Giveaways: Will They Bring People to Your Site More Often?

I like to reward people who are nice to me by being nice to them. A good client gets a discount, a close friend gets free help with their design work or writing needs and I give social media advice to my favorite eateries because I want them to stay in business and keep feeding […]

Helping Your Client/Business Evolve Web Presence

It’s no secret that the purpose of business, as with life, is to grow and evolve. In life, the bumps and bruises teach us our lessons but in business a skinned knee can cost a small fortune. There are those in business who grow and succeed and those who stagnate and eventually fail. Stagnation is […]

Advertising and Marketing with Content Management Systems

Content management systems are web applications that enhance the productivity of your website by aiding in the creation, organization, editing, and publication of content and design. Many of these software are expensive all-inclusive programs that can handle just about any task required. However there are also free open source CMS that are capable of matching […]