The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make With Your Web Site

Surprisingly, it’s reported that over half the businesses in the United States still don’t have a web site. Of this half, more and more will bend to the pressure of entering the digital age as a necessity to stay competitive. 72% of consumers say they will first check out a business online before considering using […]

Real-Time Marketing: What is It and How Do YOU Do It Effectively?

Marketing use to be a leisurely pastime of sorts. Weeks of meetings, focus groups, reading and analyzing statistics, three-martini lunches and over several months, the plan was laid for product marketing for that fiscal year. Thanks to social media and the changes and immediacy of marketing, that all changed nod now marketing must be done […]

Content Marketing: The Best Way to Conquer the Market!

When I use Wikipedia as a source for information in an article, people sometimes get upset and insist that it’s not a reliable source of correct information. I assure readers that I only refer to Wikipedia when I’m sure the information or snippets thereof are reliable. When it comes to the definition of content marketing, […]