Can Your Domains Get Hijacked?

Imagine this scenario: your customer service line gets a call from the owner of a small business whose e-commerce website is hosted through your service. The owner is in a panic. After months of steady visitor traffic and consistent daily transactions, suddenly all visits to her site have stopped. Not knowing what do to next, […]

Why Entire Web Hosts Can Be Destroyed by Cyber Attacks

It seems like more and more prominent web servers are getting hacked and attacked these days. If even the giants of online industry are susceptible to hacks and attacks, what are humble web hosts supposed to do? Cyber attacks can be devastating to a server, and even more devastating when they reach other servers from […]

The Best of HostingCon 2014

HostingCon 2014 proposed innovative concepts to further the future of the hosting sector based on current events and end user expectations. Globalization was a notable theme that has been present ever since the term “World Wide Web” was officially coined in 1990. However, effective global communications and flexible bandwidth opportunities have made cloud-based hosting a […]