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OpenSSL Explained in Simple Terms

OpenSSL, an open-source software library, plays a big role in ensuring safe online communications and data sharing by protecting against unwanted eavesdropping. It’s used widely to secure web servers and…

data routing

What are Dynamic Routing Protocols?

In networking, routing stands as a cornerstone, ensuring seamless communication between devices in a network. At its core, routing is the process of determining the best path for data packets…


What is Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)?

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP in short), playing a pivotal role in ensuring seamless interactions, stands out for its significance in network diagnostics and error reporting. In essence, ICMP…

network load

What is Network Load?

Whether it’s a simple blog or a complex e-commerce platform, the efficiency with which data is transferred and processed plays a pivotal role in determining success. This brings us to…

network congestion

What is Explicit Congestion Notification?

In network communications and server management, ensuring smooth data transmission is paramount. One of the mechanisms that play a crucial role in this is the Explicit Congestion Notification, or ECN….

network congestion

What is Network Congestion?

Network congestion is a term that often surfaces in the world of networking, especially when users experience slow internet speeds or disrupted services. But what exactly is it? Why does…