IT Manager: Your Guide to Remote Office Support

Remote offices present additional challenges for IT professionals. It is not only the challenge of reaching the people and equipment but also the question of whether the IT assets are utilized as they should be. Even still, in some cases providing support to remote offices can outweigh the burdens it brings. But the situation cannot be so desperate, can it? Let’s see what we can do make remote support easier.

How to Keep Security Response Team Happy

It is hard to find a security professional. It is even harder to manage them if you do not accept that they are slightly unconventional people at the first place. This is not to say anything negative about these individuals nor anybody’s managing skills, but to say that socially they are the highly analytical people (the “yellowest” in the social styles model) and therefore their way of thinking and interaction is slightly different. Plus, their job requires them to think and act differently.

website building

VPS Enterprise Hosting vs. Reseller Enterprise Hosting

If you are a dedicated online business owner, then you know that expansion is the key to continued success in any niche. The moment your business falls victim to inertia is the moment that all progress comes to a halt, and in most cases profits begin to regress. The expansion of an online business directly correlates to the expansion of their web hosting capabilities and the size of their hosting plan.


Office Work vs. Telecommuting – Why the Former Could Beat the Latter

In the sci-fi era, video communication was a distant feature. Today, the so-called virtual teams, which are geographically dispersed employees communicating with each other using hi-tech equipment, have become common in many organizations. The team members could be in the nearby city or in another continent.

This hi-tech communication made many people think that we no longer need offices. Eh, who would want to get up early in the morning, get dressed, take the way to work and go through office issues where the alternative is working in the comfort of your home? Many people. Including the bosses and the employees. Even if working remotely looks like a dream job, there are many downsides to it, both personally and organizationally. Here is why.

Difference between Shared and Dedicated Servers

If you have a medium sized business, choosing between a shared and dedicated web hosting plan can be a big challenge. Things can become confusing because you will have to decide between your current and future need. In an age where every web hosting provider claims “unlimited everything”, it can become even more perplexing to make the right choice.

In this guide, we will touch upon each aspect of shared and dedicated web hosting plans so that it will become easier for you to make the right decision. We will distinguish between the two types of hosting plans according to their features.

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

If you’ve signed up for a shared hosting account for your website, there is a chance it could experience downtime from time to time. Despite a 99.9% uptime guarantee most web hosts provide, there is no 100% assurance that your website will not suffer downtime. It is an issue every webmaster is concerned about because it affects traffic and sales. But what are the factors affecting shared hosting downtime?


Hosting Overseas – Is It Worth It?

In today’s world, managing your website locally is possible without facing any inconveniences even when its server is located at the other end of the world. Today, you can stay in France, market your products in UK, and host the website in the US or any country across the world for that matter.