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IT Manager: Your Guide to Remote Office Support

Remote offices present additional challenges for IT professionals. It is not only the challenge of reaching the people and equipment but also the question of whether the IT assets are…

How to Keep Security Response Team Happy

It is hard to find a security professional. It is even harder to manage them if you do not accept that they are slightly unconventional people at the first place….


Targeting Local Business with Reseller Hosting

Local businesses are migrating to a global marketplace causing internet’s growth. Businesses everywhere have recognized the colossal opportunity that the internet represents, both financially and socially.

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Starting Your Own Business Through Reseller Hosting

With the U.S. economy suffering like never before, more consumers are unemployed, thus more people are looking for ways to generate money online.  Fortunately, the internet offers endless opportunities for…


Variations of Web Hosting and its Benefits

Web hosting is all about making a web page available through the World Wide Web, with an internet connection, for anyone across the world to access. As it is become…

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

Shared Hosting and Site Downtime

If you’ve signed up for a shared hosting account for your website, there is a chance it could experience downtime from time to time. Despite a 99.9% uptime guarantee most…