Dimitri Nek

Dimitri is a Linux-wielding geek from Newport Beach and a server optimization guru with over 20 years of experience taming web hosting beasts. Equipped with an arsenal of programming languages and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Dimitri conquers website challenges and scales hosting mountains with unmatched expertise. His vast knowledge of industry-leading hosting providers allows him to make well-informed recommendations tailored to each client's unique needs.
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What is a Transparent Proxy? Things to Know

In networking and cybersecurity, proxy servers play a vital role. They serve as intermediaries between clients and the web, providing various benefits such as improved security, better control over network…

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What is a Reverse Proxy? Things to Know

In network architecture, proxies play a pivotal role in controlling and managing internet traffic. While Forward Proxies act as gateways between clients and the internet, Reverse Proxies function somewhat differently….

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What is a Forward Proxy? Things to Know

In web hosting and server administration, privacy, security, and efficient connection usage are paramount. One technology that plays a crucial role in these areas is a proxy server. There are…

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What is Tengine Web Server?

Tengine, a powerful web server software originated from┬áTaobao (developed by Alibaba), has been making waves in the world of web hosting. It’s a derivative of the popular Nginx server, but…

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What is a Residential Proxy? Things to Know

In internet security and anonymity, proxies play a vital role. Among the various types of proxies available, residential proxies stand out due to their unique features and use cases. In…

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What is a P2P Proxy? Things to Know

Proxy servers play a crucial role in ensuring privacy, security, and efficient data transfer. One such type of proxy that has gained popularity due to its unique features and applications…

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What is a Data Center Proxy? Things to Know

In network management, proxy servers play a pivotal role. They serve as intermediaries between users and the web, providing anonymity, enhancing security, and improving network performance. Among the various types…


What is Weighted Round Robin?

Understanding different load balancing algorithms is crucial for anyone involved in network administration or web hosting. One such algorithm is the Weighted Round Robin. This article will delve into what…

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What is a Geo-Targeting Proxy? Things to Know

In the era of global connectivity, the ability to access content and services from different geographical locations is crucial. One technology that enables this is a geo-targeting proxy. In this…

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What is a Shared Proxy? Things to Know

Among the different types of proxies available, shared proxies are a popular choice for many users. In this article, we will explore shared proxies in detail, discussing their workings, uses,…


What is Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing?

As the digital world continues to evolve, the need for efficient network traffic management has never been greater. One of the techniques that has gained significant attention in this regard…